All About Us


Hi, I'm Kyra and one half of A Dogs Life. I've always loved being around dogs and have always known that this is the perfect career choice for me. I've worked with animals from a young age and completed an equine management diploma at Merrist Wood college. I have owned horses and dogs all my life and for the past 4 years have worked for a large dog walking company where I've developed a wide range of knowledge of most breeds. I have been offering personal  1-1 walks and training for the past 2 years and specialise in private walks for larger reactive dogs. I'm fully insured, DBS checked and first aid trained.


All About Us


Hi, I'm Sarah and am the other half of A Dogs Life!
For me, A Dogs Life has really developed from a lifetime hobby into a business! I have always had dogs myself, I currently have 3 German shepherds and over the years I've developed a keen interest in dog behaviour and training. I find dog psychology fascinating and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things canine. I'm fully insured, DBS checked and first aid trained.


All About Us


Ron is the old boy of the group. If he was human he'd be at least 105 years old! Ron is a beautiful, gentle old soul who prefers to lie in a quiet corner and watch the world go by. He's very friendly and tolerant and a valued member of the team.


All About Us


Boe is the mother hen of the group. She likes to keep order and won't tolerate any nonsense. Boe has a calming presence amongst other dogs and is a fabulous teacher. She is super intelligent and a very valued member of A Dogs Life.


All About Us


Eddie is the baby of the group. He's a big soppy goofball who loves a little play with other dogs but equally loves a tummy tickle. We hear a lot from people who say that their dog is wary of bigger dogs. Eddie is the perfect boy to diminish those fears. Everyone loves Eddie!!