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Covering Horley and the surrounding areas including Crawley, Copthorne, Smallfield, Outwood, Salfords, Newdigate, Rusper, Charlwood and Hookwood

We are a dog walking and pet care service with a difference. Run by mother and daughter team Sarah and Kyra, A Dog's Life understands what you want for your dog because it's what we would want for our own dogs. 

* We'll give you peace of mind that your much loved pooch is in the very best hands, in a safe, secure environment. 

* We'll ensure your dog is having a fantastic time with us and with a little group of friends who he sees regularly and can feel relaxed and confident around. 

* We offer a service which is reliable, with staff who are trustworthy and genuinely love what they do and we guarantee you'll be seeing that little doggy wiggle of excitement when your furry friend sees our doggy bus pull up outside!

We set out to offer you the service that we would want for our own dogs.


Our Services

What We Can Do for You

Here at A Dog's Life we offer daily pack walks.  Each session is so much more than just a dog walk - it's a 2 hour ( not including travel) adventure consisting of exercise, stimulation and socialisation. Our pack sizes are small and your dog's time with us will be filled with enrichment activities and fun in our 10 acres of private land. Our sessions are perfect for breaking up the day for your dog. Perhaps you work or just don't have the time to not only walk but also socialise your dog. Your dog will be out with us for a big chunk of the day and then be ready for a good sleep once he gets home.  Alternatively private 1-1 walks can be arranged and home pop ins are also available.

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Daily Outings Monday - Friday

10.00 - 11.00am - Doggy bus collections. We'll collect your pooch from home, travelling in style in our fully air conditioned, comfortable crated van.

11.00am - Arrive at A Dog's Life paddock. We are based in 10 acres of private fields in Surrey which is filled with doggie activities and all the space our dogs could want.

1.00pm - Back on the bus for home drop offs. Your dog will be rinsed and towel dried after those muddier walks. If no-one is in we'll ensure your dog is settled and that water is available. We aim to have all dogs home by 2.00pm


Single walks Weekdays and Weekends

We are able to provide a personal single dog walk service for those dogs who would prefer to be walked alone. We will match the walk to your dogs requirements either out in open countryside or leashed pavement walking. Please call for a chat and we'll see what we can do.


Pet pop ins Weekdays and Weekends

We offer a pet pop in service to suit you. Whether it's to feed your pets, let them into the garden for a toilet break, top up water or just to give them a fuss and a cuddle! Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We'll be pleased to help.



We are very proud of our custom made A Dog's Life vans. Our largest van holds eight individual crates, each with a comfortable bed, air conditioning and relaxing music which ensures our doggy clients have the most comfortable of journeys. They can all see and talk to each other and we've removed the bulk head in both our vans so we can see every dog at all times and they can see us! Our smaller van is perfect for 1-1 walks and pet pop ins. Both vans are also equipped with doggy first aid boxes.

Van 1


Van 2


Van 1 inside


 Meet the Team



Hi I'm Sarah and I make up one half of A Dog's Life. For me, A Dog's Life has really developed from a lifetime hobby into my dream business. Before A Dog's Life I ran a dance school in Smallfield for 24 years but in 2021 I decided it was time for a change and something involving dogs seemed the obvious pathway to take. I have always had dogs, I currently have 3 German Shepherds which are the breed I have a real soft spot for although I've also owned bulldogs, collies and labradors. I have taken in rescues and over the years have developed a keen interest in dog behaviour and training. I find dog psychology fascinating and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things canine. I'm fully insured, DBS checked and dog first aid trained.


Hi I'm Kyra and I make up the other half of A Dog's Life. I've been surrounded with and worked with animals from a very young age and have always known that working with dogs is the perfect career for me. I completed an equine management diploma at Merrist Wood college and have owned horses and dogs all my life. For the past 4 years I've worked for a big dog walking company and have gained experience working with many different breeds. For the last couple of years I've offered private dog walks and training. I'm fully insured, DBS checked and dog first aid trained.



Ron is the old boy of the group. If he was human he'd be at least 105 years old! Ron is a beautiful, gentle old soul who prefers to lie in a quiet corner watching the world go by. He's very friendly and tolerant and is a valued member of the team.

Edit: RIP Ron 21.6.08 - 16.4.22

We'll love and miss you forever.


Boe is the mother hen of the group. She likes to keep order and won't tolerate any nonsense! Boe has a calming presence amongst other dogs and is a wonderful teacher. She is super intelligent and a very valued member of the team.



Eddie is the baby of the group. He's our big soppy goofball who enjoys a play with other dogs. We hear a lot from people who say that their dog is wary of larger breeds. After meeting Ed, all fears will be diminished. Everyone loves Big Ed!


Price List

Invoices will be sent by email fortnightly for all walks done in that period.

£20 - 2hr pack walk

For each daily pack walk session including travel, a rinse and towel dry if required and settling back at home if no-one is in.
A 50% discount is offered for an additional dog from the same household.
For 5 sessions in one week the price reduces to £18 per walk

£15 - 1-1 walk

This is for an hour's 1-1 walk on lead or off lead in the countryside or an on lead pavement walk if preferred.
A 50% discount is offered for a second dog from the same household.
Please note that shorter walks are also available. We will match each walk to a dogs specific requirements.

£9 - Pet Pop Ins

Pet Pop Ins
A 20 minute home pop in to do whatever needs doing! We are happy to feed cats, hamsters, fish if required although I'm afraid we do draw the line at reptiles!

£40 per day Holiday package

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Why choose us

We live in an era where there is so much choice for our dogs. There are doggy daycares, pack walkers, single walkers, training holidays, pet sitters - the list is endless. We have looked at what there is out there, analysed the positives and negatives of each and put together the service that we would want for our own dogs. 

Socialising our dogs doesn't mean putting a random group of dogs in a field together and letting them get on with it. Many dogs dislike strange dogs and find situations like this very stressful. Dogs can be mean to each other, they can bully or harass and sadly when these subtle, negative behaviours are missed, dog fights can break out.

Socialisation however, starting with carefully structured interactions with a small group of fellow dogs that your dog will get to know well, is extremely beneficial and infact crucial for a dogs overall behavioural development. Our packs will be like your dogs extended family. Friendships will be formed and in these situations dogs can thrive. We find that many dogs initially lack confidence due to negative interactions with strange dogs in the past. A Dog's Life builds confidence in both your dogs environment and around other dogs. This in turn will help shape your dog into the calm, sensible pooch you've always wanted. At a Dog's Life we will always come out and meet you and your furry friend first to assess their personality. We will always be completely honest and if we don't think your dog is suitable for joining one of our packs we will recommend single walks instead. 


Client reviews

Charlie loves his walks with Sarah and Kyra. It's the highlight of his week. He's made some good friends and I love that the pack is small enough for him to get so much attention. When he gets home he sleeps the rest of the day. Happy dog, happy mum!

Bev, mum of Charlie

We look after Luna for our daughter when she works so A Dog's Life has been a godsend. We don't always know very far in advance when we're going to need her to be walked but Kyra and Sarah are always so accommodating. I highly recommend A Dog's Life. They are fab.

Julie, Grandma of Luna

Sarah and Kyra are a doggy dream team! Alfie goes out with them 3 times a week. He gets so excited when the van pulls up. We also used them for when we were on holiday and he went out with them twice a day, then they popped in to feed him and settle him for the night. Perfect! Thankyou both.

Sally, mum of Alfie


Terms and Conditions

- The Owner is responsible and will ensure that their dog is up to date with their vaccinations, flea and tick treatments and de-wormer treatments.

- The Owner accepts full liability for any loss or damage caused to their dog whilst being walked. A Dog's Life is not held accountable for vet fees or third party claims whilst your dog is in our care.

- The Owner should make full disclosure of any quality or characteristic problems which might make your dog unsuitable for walking, including behavioural or health problems, antisocial behaviour including aggression.

- A Dog's Life will make every effort to contact the owner in the event of an emergency. We recommend owners provide us with a contact number of a trusted third party should we be unable to make contact. However, we reserve the right to make decisions regarding your dog's health provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of the dog and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon. The owner is responsible for payment of any veterinary fees incurred by A Dog's Life.

Bookings - We work on a first come, first served basis so the sooner you get your dates to us, the more chance we have of accommodating you. Dates can be sent by email, text or WhatsApp.

Cancellations - You may cancel your bookings and provided you give a minimum of 24-hours notice you will not be charged. However, if cancellation is made within 24-hours of the service commencing, the full rate will be charged.

Flexibility - Your booked time is estimated only and whilst we make every effort to arrive at the time given, depending on road conditions and unforeseen circumstances delays could occur.

Our Responsibilities - A Dog's Life agrees to provide the services we offer in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. We will take the utmost care of your dog insuring its safety and welfare always whilst in our care. We will do everything within our power to protect your dog from any danger and will treat your dog with the love, respect and kindness we would show our own dogs.


Contact Us

Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you and your furry friend.

Sarah: 07973 965453. Kyra: 07920 486378

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